High Frequency Clock Signals from BBB PRU

For the iLidar project we need a clock signal to drive the OmniVision camera. Originally the HDMI clock was used with success, but the HDMI framer had to be disabled. Disabling the HDMI allows for more inputs to be available to the Programmable Realtime Units (PRUs).

There are other timers available on the Sitara processor, but I could not find an easy way to determine which ones were available. After trying to research how to enable the timer, I decided to simply toggle an output pin with the PRU. If someone out there knows how to use the timers and can give me some sample code, I would be appreciate it.

The code is available on github. Instructions on building and running are in the Readme.

By varying the delay between toggling pins, I was able to get clock signals up to 22MHz. Without the delay arithmetic, the maximum clock that was produced was approximately 66MHz.

On the Oscilloscope

66Mhz Clock from PRU oscilloscope